Route 66 - Detour - California - Calico Ghost Town

Approach: near Barstow at I-15
36600 Ghost Town Road - Yermo, CA 92398 an der I-15 (Barstow Freeway)
Travel Time: year around - avoid summer weekends for less people.
Fee: $5,50 per Person (Adult)
Description: Calico Ghost Town is a made-up old mines city. For visitors this is open all year.
Lodging: Campground in Calico
Website: Website
Calico Ghost Town
Calico Ghost Town
Calico Ghost Town
Calico Ghost Town
Calico Ghost Town

Calico Ghost Town
Calico is an old Western town and mines, it is located in the Mojave Desert near Barstow, CA. If you are coming from the south can be seen from far away on the left side in the mountains the lettering CALICO.

In 1881 Calico Silver was found, as in many other gold or silver mining towns in the West. It met a lot of people in a Calico who wanted to share in the treasure, then the cities formed around the mine.
1887, the place had already 1200 inhabitants, 22 lounges, a red light district and even a small newspaper, the Calico Print was called.

1883 years later it was found next to the silver even the very rare mineral borax. This attracted even more adventurous.
Over 500 mines were 1881-1907 in Calico in operation.
As in 1895 then dropped the price of silver and the mining took less and less income, people moved away again, leaving behind almost everything. So Calico became a ghost town.

In Calico total silver worth about 90 million dollars and borax worth approximately $ 45 million was funded.
The city was as well as other mining town in California receive, partly rebuilt and opened to the public. The salon and residential buildings can be entered. The Maggie mine can still be seen today.