Route 66 - Detour - New Mexico

New Mexcio has many highlights to offer from beautiful little old town, partly in the Adobe style, to spectacular natural highlights. There are also some pueblos in New Mexcio, the villages are of the indigenous people.

I introduce you to some of the highlights, which can be reached quickly and without any effort from Route 66.

Directly off Interstate 40 in the city Grants will find access to the El Malpais and El Morro National Monument. These two natural parks lie virtually on the way and it takes a maximum of one day to explore them.

Directly on one old part of Route 66 is Las Vegas, NM.

A small detour tou have do if you’d like to see Kasha Katuwe Tent Rock NM but the detour is worth it.

The Kasha Katuwe National Monument is a very special highlight which lies on the road from Santa Fe to Bernalllio. For this place you can plan a whole day.

Two small towns are located almost directly off of Route 66, and are indeed the Madrid, a small artists’ and Los Cerrillos, a western town. Both places were often used as filming locations for Western.

Possible side trips in New Mexcio
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