Route 66 - People - Arizona

Angel Delgadillo (1927-heute)
The Saviour of Route 66 in Seligman, Arizona. 1978 When the bypass was built I-40, Seligman was like from one day to the other a ghost town. Angel, a hairdresser today 86jähriger, advocated that Seligman was a section of Historic Route 66. You can visit him and his family in Seligman and then take on the antique barber chair.

Lilo (1941-heute)
Lilo comes from Germany and went in 1962 with her ​​husband to America, to Seligman. There, they opened a café with German and American specialties. The cafe is for 15 years and is located just off of Route 66 One can visit Lilo and her family there.

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