Route 66 - People - Missouri

Gary Turner

Gary Turner (1944 2015)
Gary was honored as the owner of the Gay Parita Sinclair gas station in Missouri for his services around the Route 66 with a special awards. He sees himself as an ambassador for the Route 66 You can visit him on Route 66, each traveler gets from him tips and information. Gary Turner has died on 1/23/15.

Ramona Lehman

Ramona Lehman
Ramona and her husband Bob are since 1971 the owner of the Munger Moss Motel in Lebanon, Missouri. They care a lot about your guests who are Route 66 tourists usually.

Joe Sonderman (1962-heute)
Joe is in addition to his work as a DJ, photographer and author of a passionate collector of Route 66 postcards. It has some 1000 Postcards Route 66 He also wrote several illustrated books about Route 66

Kathy Weiser
Kathy is the founder of the website “Legends of America”. She’s photographs, author and historians.
The website deals with the history of Route 66 and other legends from America.

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