Route 66 - People - Oklahoma

Charles Duboise

Charles Duboise
Charles is the owner of the Diary King in Commerce, OK. Charles and his mother take care of the old “Marathon Gas Station”. Today route there will be sold 66 cookies. Charles likes to tell travelers the story of the old Route 66.

Cyrus Avery (1871 – 1936)
Cyrus Avery became famous as the “Father of Route 66”. He created the route 1926. He was co-founder of the “U.S. Highway 66 Association “. The Route 66 Association was responsible for the improvement and asphalting of the road connection from Chicago to Santa Monica. Up to this point, the route for the most part was just a gravel road.
1927 Avery ran for the post of president of the Route 66 Association, but failed.

Will Rogers (1879-1835)
Will Rogers was an actor and world traveler. He traveled three times around the world and played in many films (silent films) with. He became known as “Oklahoma’s Favorite Son”.
Route 66 is also called “Will Rogers Highway”; Vinita, OK, it even a monument was erected. In 1935 Will Rogers in a plane crash.

Hydro, OK - Lucille Hamons Gas Station

Lucille Hamons (1915-2000)
1941 Lucille and her husband bought a small gas station between the villages of Hydro and Weatherford, Oklahoma. This they named after Lucille “Lucille’s Highway Shop”. In this shop, Lucille worked until her death in 2000, daily.

Jim Ross (1949 – heute)
Jim Ross is a cartographer, he is originally from Florida. He drew the official maps of the Route 66 Today he lives in Arcardia. He wrote the book “Oklahoma Route 66” which was even filmed.
Jim is co-founder of the “American Road Magazine”, he was inducted into the “Oklahoma Hall of Fame” and got four times the “John Steinbeck Award” for outstanding historic preservation.

Michael Wallis (1945-heute)
Michael Wallis is an author and journalist. He wrote 17 books, including the book “Route 66, The Motherraod”. Through this book, the history of the street was known worldwide. Michael Wallis was awarded the “John Steinbeck Award” and was inducted into the “Hall of Fame of American Writers.” He has also lent his voice to the sheriff in the Pixar movie “Cars”.

Ron Jones (1949- heute)
Welfare of the largest Route 66 fan, he lives near Route 66 in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. He allowed himself to be 103 Tattoos sting, all are related to Route 66.

Ken Turmel (1956 – heute)
He collected over the years, postage stamps and postmarked on Route 66, in order to manufacture a Route 66 artwork. In addition, Ken is known as Route 66 tour guide. He lives in Midwest City, Oklahoma. Ken’s nickname is “The Land Runner”.

Jerry Mc Clanahan
Jerry is the author of the EZ66 Guide, he is also a painter. In his gallery in Chandler, Oklahoma he exhibited some of his pieces. You can put it if you go the route 66 there to visit.

Bonny Elisabeth Parker & Clyde Chestnut Barrow (1910 – 1934/1909-1934)
The famous gangster couple in the 20s and 30s, called Bonny & Clyde, lived in the Midwestern United States. In these times of economic crisis they raided gas stations, grocery stores and banks, they committed in the raids 14 murders.
They founded the Barrow gang, of which 1934 some members were arrested. Then Clyde committed an act of revenge and attacked the prison Eastham. On the run she was shot by a policeman, a wide officers shot and killed Clyde then before her hiding in Commerce Oklahoma, which is later on Route 66.

Laurel Richards Kane
Laurel is the owner of the Afton Station Route 66 Visitors’ Center.

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