Route 66 - Attractions

Alongside Route 66 there are many highlights, most of which are old gas stations, motels, diners and other roadside-attractions.
To provide a better overview I have sorted these highlights according to the states in which they are located.
Under the section “gas stations” you find both old and restored gas stations from the 1930s to 1950s as well as buildings that once used to be gas stations or stores, which provide gasoline pumps.
Amongst others I have listed further stores that are related to cars, such as tire shops, towering services and muffler shops.

Under the section „motels“ I listed all Route 66 motel which have already existed during the heydays of the route. Some of them are still operated today, however, some are closed. Unfortunately, we have only stayed at one Route 66 motel so far, which was the Munger Moss Motel in Lebanon.

“Diner” are all existing restaurants, ice cream parlors, cafes, snack bars or Drive-Inns on Route 66 with a Route 66 history. Many are still open, others are closed for years and they are abandoned.

“Roadside Attractions” are the rest of highlights that line the roadside of Route 66. These are museums, cinemas, dilapidated buildings, churches, Court houses and landmarks. Among other things you’ll find at Roadside Attractions also life-sized figures, like the Muffler Men, water towers or other bizarre buildings.

Movies / Theatres are old cinemas and theaters, which are found everywhere on the edge of Route 66. In some states there are so many that a separate menu item has been worth it.