Route 66 - Attractions - Arizona

Arizona – The Grand Canyon State
Arizona’s capital city is Phoenix located in the southern part of the state. Arizona borders with New Mexico in the south, California in the southwest, Nevada in the northwest and Utah in the north. A small northernmost corner of state borders with Colorado at Four Corners.
The northeastern part of the state is part of the Colorado Plateau as is Utah. The Grand Canyon through which the Colorado River runs is in Arizona – hence the name Grand Canyon State.
The southern part of the state below the Grand Canyon is characterized by desert landscape, especially the area of Phoenix and Tucson where the famous Saguaro cacti grow.
The city of Yuma which lies at the border of Mexico and California is the city with the world’s most sun hours. Even in winter temperatures are around 20 C.

People in Arizona and friendly and open. A lot of indian tribes live in this state so there are a lot of reservations spread over 25% of this state. Arizona has the largest indian population in the US.
Route 66 crosses Arizona from Lupton to almost Needles, CA. Most and the best known Route 66 attractions are on this section.

Starting in Holbrock, a charming old Route 66 city and the Petrified National Forest it continues to Winslow, Flagstaff, Williams – the Gate to the Grand Canyon – through delightful historic towns Kingman and Seligman, then through the gold rush town Oatman to California’s border.