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Illinois – Land of Lincoln
Illinois is a Midwestern state and borders Lake Michagan in the NorthEast. The name is of French origina and means the Indian tribe of the “ Illiniwek “ or “ Illini “, who then populated these lands . Illinois means “The People.”

By the end of the 17th century came the first French settlers who described the Illini as the Illini-tion (les illinois ). From 1712 on, the area was under French rule and was taken over in 1765 by the British who retained the name – spelled the same – only pronounced in English .
1818, when Illinois became a State of the United States, the name has not changed.

Illinois has more small towns than megacities, large parts of the country are agricultural.
The only big city is Chicago, also the third largest city in the United States.
The nickname “Land of Lincoln “ is based on the later U.S. President Abraham Lincoln in 1830 as 21 -year-old moving to the small town of New Salem in Illinois . He lived there until he was elected in 1860 as 16th President of the United States.

Later, as president, he lived in Springfield, the Illinois state capital and likewise seat of the State Capitol.

After Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in 1865 in Washington, he was buried in Springfield.

Illinois is bordered to the northwest by Iowa to the southwest Missouri, the Mississippi River being the border. In the Southeast the Ohio River forms the border with Kenntucky. Wisconsin is to the North and Indiana to the East.

Illinois is rather flat. The highest mountain of Illinois is Charles Mound with a height of 376 meters. Chicago’s Willis Tower with 527 meters is taller.

Route 66 runs in Illinois from Chicago to St. Louis. On this route there are a number of attractions. Old gas stations, partly restored. Muffler Men who are considered huge advertising figures, old sections of Historic Route 66, several museums and beautiful little towns with lots of nice residents.

The most beautiful attractions I will describe on this page.