Route 66 - Attractions - New Mexico

New Mexico, Land of Enchantment, as it is called by the locals. New Mexico is located on a plateau, in were are existing deserts as well as mountains. The highest point is Wheeler Peak wirth 13.161 feet.

In the north of New Mexico adjacent to Colorado, to the northeast Oklahoma, east and south to Texas and west to Arizona.
On a very small point, namely at the Four Corners Monument, New Mexico also borders Utah. In the far south borders New Mexico to Mexico.

The country’s capital is Santa Fe, the largest city with about 550,000 inhabitants Albuquerque.

The Route 66 has the longest stretch 487 miles in New Mexico. Route 66 leads from Texas border in Gelnrio until after Manuelito and meets there with Arizona. Situated on a large piece of the Route 66 completely from the interstate and crossed the capital Sante Fe. The small towns of Tucumcari, Gallup, Grants in New Mexico have probably the most Route 66 atmosphere, with many fine motels and neon signs. The scenery on the route 66 is especially beautiful in New Mexico, according to the desert of Texas, the visitor sees a beautiful mountain landscape.