Route 66 - Attractions - Oklahoma

The Oklahoma State already belongs geographically to the south of the USA. The capital city is Oklahoma City with a population around 600,000. The nickname of Oklahoma is “The Sonner State”. The name comes from the Indian and indeed of the Choctaw Indians, okla meaning “people” and “humma” meaning “red”. Together you can say “the land of the red man.”

In Oklahoma today are still around 245,000 people belonging to the ethnic group of Native Americans (Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Muskogee and Seminole).

In the northwest borders one corner of Oklahoma to Colorado, Kansas adjacent to the north. To the west it borders on the south by New Mexico and Texas.

Oklahoma is right in the middle of the Tornado Alley, and the country is often hit by severe storms, mostly in springtime. In addition to tornadoes and it never did, especially early severe dust storms, of which the “Dust Bowl” in the years 1935 – 1938 the country particularly difficult damaged and farmers forced to resettle there.
The Route 66 in Oklahoma has approximately 695 kilometers of one of the longest sections, only in New Mexico Route 66 is about 90 km longer. The Route 66 in Oklahoma begins in Three Countries Area Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma (with the place Quapaw), then heads south through Tulsa and Oklahoma City and ends behind Elk City in Texola on the border with Texas.