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Texas – The Lone Star State
Texas was an independent republic before the membership of the United States. Texas is the second largest state in area and population.
Texas has a border with Mexico in the south of the state. In north Texas is bordered by Oklahoma and Arkansas, to the east by Louisiana and to the west by New Mexico.
The capital of Texas is Austin, which is located in the south of the state.

However, the largest city is Houston with approximately 2.0005 million inhabitants. The third largest city is Dallas.
In Texas, there are three climate zones, in the north, a mountainous highlands extends to 1300 meters. Some of the land is very fertile, there is oil and it is much stockbreeding.

In the middle of the country, there are mainly plains with warm climate. And in the South, where Texas borders the Gulf of Mexico, there is much fertile land where sugar cane and cotton are grown.

Adrian, TX - Midpoint Cafe

The largest rivers of the state are mostly border rivers, the Red River separates Texas from Oklahoma and Arkansas, the Sabine River located on the border with Mexico, and finally separates the Rio Grande Texas from Mexico.
Other major streams in Texas are the Colorado River, the Pecos River and the Brazos River.

The people in Texas are considered unfriendly and reserved in contrast to other people in the U.S., but they are very proud of their country.
Route 66 crosses in Texas Panhandle Shamrock after Glenrio through the village is exactly the Stateline to New Mexico.

On the way from Shamrock after Glenrio there are very many interesting Route 66 attractions. From the old Tower Station in Shamrock about the Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo back to the midpoint of Route 66 in Adrian.