Route 66 - Attractions - California

California – The Golde State
California is probably the state within the US that is represented most in the media through movies and TV. Hence, its megacities Los Angeles and San Francisco are often visited by tourists from all over the world.

Besides this, California is the most heavily populated state within the US. California borders the Pacific Ocean in the west and the state Oregon in the north. In its eastern part it mainly borders Nevada with a small border to Arizona, the Sunshine State, in the southeast. In the very south California maintains a border to Mexico.
Due to the location of the San Andreas Fault in California earthquakes happen frequently. Almost daily small quakes are observed.

The most recent heavy earthquake was registered in Los Angeles in 1994 with a magnitude of 6.7 on the Richter scale. Thereby about 60 people died and more than 10.000 were injured. Many buildings and road were destroyed. Scientists expect another heavy earthquake to happen alongside the San Andreas Fault within the next years.

However, more and more people come to the beautiful state.
There are many large cities in California. The 4 most well known are the following:

  • San Francisco
  • Sacramento
  • Los Angeles
  • San Diego

San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego are located next to the Pacific Ocean. Sacramento, the capital of California, is located in the north of the state.
With a population of almost 4 million (3.8) people, Los Angeles in the largest city. San Francisco is, following LA, die most well-known city, but has only 800.000 citizens.
California is a very diverse state: Due to the different climatic circumstances many Redwood-forests can be found in the north, whilst high mountains dominate the landscape in the Sierra Nevada.

The climate of the Mojave Desert dominates the south of the state. In the central part of the land there exists much productive land, where many fruits and wine luxuriate. The coastline is rugged and has beautiful beach sections. Highway No. 1 is the most famous coastal road within the US.

“It never rains in California” is valid only for Southern California, inland and northern thrive because of all the rain, the tallest trees in the United States, redwoods or coastal redwoods called.
In the Sierra Nevada, in the Yosemite National Park, there are long winter with several meters of snow.

In California, many people who because of storms are usually very friendly to live. Especially in Southern California, it can live very well. Especially in LA where many artists live, there is a separate lifestyle, which is circumscribed with the word “Californication”.

Route 66 traverses the Sunshine State far in the south from the town “Needels” in the Mojave Desert to the Pacific Coast in Santa Monica. On this route there are some very authentic parts of Route 66, particularly the often searched for “Route 66” sign.
The Route 66 attractions in California are not yet complete.