Route 66 - Attractions - Kansas

Kana means in the language of the Sioux Indians “people of the south wind”. The Sioux lived in the region, therefore, is the present name of the state in the Midwest “Kansas”. Kansas has the nickname “The Sunflower State”.

The capital of Kansas is Topeka, the largest city is Wichita. Kansas City is partly in Missouri separated through the Missouri River.

In the north, Kansas has a border with Nebraska, west to Colorado, south to Oklahoma and east to Missouri. The landscape in Kansas is characterized mainly in the west of the country of prairie. In the east there are more forest and some hills. The highest point is Mount Sunflower with 1231 meters.

In Kansas is only one very small but beautiful piece of Route 66, the town of Galena and Baxter Springs have real charm. The people in Kansas are very proud of the small piece of Route 66. The attractions are very well maintained and restored again and again.