Route 66 - Attractions - Missouri

The state of Missouri was named after the Missouri River, which gets its name from the Native Americans of Missouri. The indian word for Missouri is “with the wooden canoes”. Missouri is located in the Midwestern of the United States, the capital is Jefferson City, there you will find the Capitol of Missouri. The nickname of Missouri is “The Show Me State”.
In northern Missouri Iowa is bordered , Illinois to the east, separated by the Mississippi River. Arkansas, Kentucky and Tennessee are in the south, in the western boundaries of Kansas, Nebraska and Oklahoma to Missouri.

Missouri is very hilly, and the south of the country lies on the Ozark Plateau. In the south of the Ozark Mountains begins. In the north are more prairie-like plains, which reach up to Kansas and Nebraska.

The Route 66 in Missouri goes from St. Louis to Joplin. On the route some of the most beautiful landscapes lie on the eastern part of the Route 66 In addition, there are some very fine and worth a Route 66 attractions.

In Missouri, you should not miss Gary’s Gay Parita, Red Oak II and also stay at the Munger Moss Motel in Lebanon.